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Moon's collection :  PHROBIS   BUCK   LAN-CAY   ONTARIO   DURAMOLD
Crayj's knives collection : MISSION, MAD DOG, MARSOC, ONTARIO
Pages 55 to 71 & 78 to 80


Started : Sept. 2006

Page : 21

... [ one of the 55 prototype made in 1986 ] ... 
PHROBIS won the ARMY's XM9 TRIALS without any failure.  This model is considered by the collectors as the "grail" of the M9 BAYONET

MAD DOG model A.T.A.K. made for the Navy Seals Crayj's collection : START pages : 55 to 71 ...

M9 BAYONET " CLEAR " LanCay - Lan-Cay - PROTOTYPE  see pages : 30 - 32
Here, the VERSION 2 : Lan-Cay : 100 made 
Only the VERSION 1 were made : 25 units

C.U.K. PHROBIS (Combat Utility Knife) [ No markings : blade & scabbard ] Used by Navy SEALs for the OPERATION DESERT STORM 1991 - see page : 15

 This is 1 of 20 made - PROTOTYPE BUCK M9 BAYONET BARREL NUT see page : 31


M9 BLADE BUCK/PHROBIS - No saw, no markings only the ultra rare big dolphin stamp
Heat treat Rockwell dimples are present on the tang
Certainly less that 5 units made

type " B " by LanCay - Lan-Cay -  Made in 1994 - 1995 (see pages : 24 & 25) 

Lan-Cay EOD M-11 - Type 2 - Modified Bayonet Crossguard Made in 1997
First production - First contract : 
Less than 200 made
This is 1 of 3 models that were submitted as trials knives
and that the symmetrical guard and revised pouch 
were a result of this field testing.
These were designed in a joint effort between the Army's 52 Ordnance Group and Lan-Cay.
These knives have been deployed 
to the 754th Ordnance Company (EOD) based at Ft. Monmouth who was at the time in training for deployment to Bosnia, throughout the Army's EOD units, and have been used in Bosnia, Kuwait, and many other places by the Army's EOD companies.
This first production run was divided up in a "1-1-2" ratio of guards. One Muzzle-Ring Guard, one Modified Bayonet Crossguard
and two knife type guards for every four knives produced.
A total of less than 200 of the 1st production pattern knives were produced and issued.
After active service in Bosnia and Kuwait, the M11 was standardized in the black color. (Info : Homer M. BRETT)

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