4th variation / no blade fuller / 1st contract / scabbard early " PI " designed by LanCay with an angled screwdriver tip.
Fastex code date : 92  or  93

I asked some days ago, my friend PWCOSOL, about the question for this model, " How many made ! :
This information is not known to me. I think the first contract for Lancay was for around 42,000 M9s and awarded in two parts. It seems logical they may have suggested/requested the fuller be deleted around the time the first part of the contract was completed. Either way, this  change might only have been noted in Lancay's internal record keeping when the change actually took effect. I think that might suggest the number could be around 20,000 +/- but that  is only conjecture...

FASTEX clip datecode : 92 (1992)

My great friend Barry Brown and Patsy
The owner of the famous Lan-Cay Cie

And Matthew, who was at Lan-Cay, IT director.
600 4th Street, Carrollton, KY

The two last photos...
The End of Lan-Cay...

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