From the Crayj military knives collection :
Mission Knives MPK / FS
In cooperation with a specific naval unit during 1996, and in order to test design concept,
Mission produced a set of prototype MPK’s with blades that were fully serrated “FS” for their entire length.
These blades had serrations that were V cut on both sides of the blade, were extra deep, and almost resemble individual teeth.
This hand work was done to test the concept of a fully serrated blade and its use in specialized underwater work at extreme depths.
Six of the Ten FS knives had black colored hilts and scabbards, and the remaining four knives had survival orange colored hilts and scabbards.
Each knife was had engraved with its serial number (1/10 to 10/10), and laser engraved with the rest of its markings on the right ricasso.
HMB Waffen Digest 1999

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