From the Crayj military knives collection :

When DET-1 was formed and their equipment being chosen, they decided not to use the traditional Marine Ka-Bar
nor did they go with a dagger design as the Marine Raiders had been issued 60 years previously.
Instead they chose Strider's SMF folding knife as their issued blade.

The MARSOC SMF knife is marked with the date of the Marine unit's activation (030620 or 20 June 2003) as well as "DET-1" on the frame.
In addition, the Military version bears the insignia of the Marine Raiders.
The initial run of this model consisted of 300 knives, 150 for the men in the unit and 150 similarly marked knives for collectors whose purchase offset the cost of the knives for the military.  There are several small differences between the military and civilian versions of this knife.
Military issued knives began with an "M" in the serial number, whereas the civilian counterpart was preceded by a "C" in the serial number.
The Marine version also features a Coyote Brown colored G-10 scale and backspacer, whereas the Civilian version's scale and backspacer is made of black G-10. The Civilian version also lacks the Marine Raider Insignia which is stamped on the blade of the Marine version.
(The 1911 is one of the 300 + SOCOM CQBP DET-1 pistols made by Kimber)

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