PHROBIS - M.F.K. - Model 9010 "civilian-market" (era Gulf War 1)
After designing the CUK (Combat Utility Knife) for the Navy Seals
PHROBIS produced a lightweight model, the MFK

Many of these saw service in Desert Storm. 
4.047 made from july 1991 to nov. 1991

As always, from Master Joe Houser, always @ BUCK U.S.A. :
The model 187, MFK, catalog number 1624, was made in 1991. We did about 4000 of them. I am pretty sure we made the blades for that knife at the Buck factory.
 Also, in 1991-92, we did the blades for about 450 of the 187c, CUK, catalog number 1638. 


M.F.K unmarked by PHROBIS

The famous MOCITYMAN, had some of these PHROBIS - MARTO INT'L spanish made, new in box
Here, the link :


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